Text Box: Secure Couriers
Text Box: Electronic Security Services
Text Box: We can transport it for you, or with you.
Low profile, or high visibility.
Documents, or Tangible goods.
We can provide discreet Armored Transport, or up to what you’d see in the streets of Iraq!
Text Box: We have individuals who have provided these types of services for various Political, Governmental, Organizational, and Industrial clients.
Highly proficient with vehicles and driving as they are with languages and weapons.
We know how to provide you security and make it tax deductible… legally.

This class is the best and easiest to understand RADAR / LIDAR course that I have ever taken! That’s why I became an instructor for this system.

This course is approved by Virginia, and  Maryland POST, all branches of the US military, and various other Federal Agencies. Agencies using this course are: Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, US MCB Quantico, CIA, Virginia State Police, and the US Park Police.

·  Alarm Systems and monitoring

· Surveillance / Nanny Cameras

· Bio-Metric access control residential and Commercial

· GPS logging / tracking, temporary or a permanent installation

· Computer Security

Some of the services offered by Paradigm are:

If you don’t see the services that you need, call us!!!

If we can’t help you, we will refer you to someone who can!

Text Box: Security

We provide Fully Trained, DCJS Registered Unarmed and Armed Security Officers, that are experienced, and reliable. Personnel who have the ability to make quick decisions in an emergency.  Personnel who do not need a Supervisor to hold their hand throughout the shift. This saves YOU money!!!!

We provide fire watch personnel as well.

Please bear in mind that in VA, Armed Security Officers have EXTREMELY LIMITED powers of arrest. Unarmed Officers have NO arrest powers.       Email Security questions here.

Text Box: Investigations

Our forte` is skip tracing and background checks. But we are equally successful in Attorney support for Civil and Criminal cases.

Our Investigators have successfully hunted and captured hundreds of fugitives. People who are highly motivated to remain hidden.

Just imagine what we can do for you and your clients!

Text Box: Sworn Private Police Officers
(Special Conservators of the Peace)
Text Box: Under the Code of Virginia, 19.2-13, Special Conservators of the Peace are Sworn Law Enforcement Officers in the county in which they operate. They have the same arrest authority as a Deputy Sheriff. Only a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer has the authority to direct and control traffic, and to make vehicle stops and write Citations for traffic offenses. SCOP’s operate Emergency Vehicles. 
Per the Code of Virginia § 9.1-146, “Limitations on powers of arrest of an Armed Security Officer”, Security Officers do not have these authorities!
Text Box: Personal Protection Specialist—Body Guards













Radar and Lidar Training

To contact us:

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Locust Grove, Virginia 22508


Phone: 540-220-5828

Fax: 540-972-4250



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