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RADAR and LIDAR Training

RADAR and LIDAR Operator Training and Certification



The course that we teach is authored by Law Enforcement Services, LLC based in Pleasant Grove Utah.

This course EXCEEDS the requirements of the NHSTA and ICPA.


This course is recognized by Several States, the U.S. Federal Government law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the U.S. Military, and the Canadian Government.


It is recognized by POST in the States of Maryland, and Virginia (click on the link to see photo of the training class taught by Les at the CIA. You will see VSP, USMC, MWAA, CIA, and US Park Police.


The class is open to anyone who wants to understand how RADAR and LIDAR work.
The course consist of a minimum of 20 hours of classroom and lab time, plus four hours of night time speed estimation.
Students will receive explanation, demonstration, and practical exercise in several related areas, including: the Doppler principle; formulas and calculations; potential sources of interference and how to detect and minimize them; angle and cosign effects; Quick Time Pacing; time / distance calculations; case law; judicial notice; Moot court exercise; documentation in preparing for court, court testimony; and much more. Students will also receive handouts with updated case law.

Peace Officer Standards and Training, Criminal Justice Services and Police Training Commissions have approved Understanding Police Traffic RADAR and LIDAR, Instructor Certification by Law Enforcement Services, LLC in: Virginia, and Maryland (Maryland Police Training Commission Approval number P11216).

September 2009 Instructor’s Course

Pleasant Grove Police Department, Utah

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